Easy-to-handle device

Enerparc, supporting large-scale systems

Enerparc is a company providing services and consulting for large-scale solar power plants with an output of more than 1 MWp.

The TRI-KA gives us an easy-to-handle device for monitoring and maintenance of large-scale systems.

Our work in the field requires a robust and reliable characteristics analyser like the TRI-KA. However, even more essential for us was the software: In this respect, the TRI-KA is a big step ahead of the other devices.

The TRI-KA software enables us to prepare the entire system architecture at the office, before testing the system in the field or on the roof. This lightens the work significantly.

Dr. Heiko Lübke, Head of Operation and Maintenance

HEWE GmbH, testing yields of private customers

HEWE Ettenheim have expanded their experience of many years in the area of windows and doors and combine almost all pioneering energy technologies for buildings under one roof.

The TRI-KA is the ideal tool for us.

More and more private system operators wish us to test the yield of their system. But equally, there is increased demand for system maintenance and support by specialists. The TRI-KA is the ideal tool for us.

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Christian Schroll, contact for renewable energies